About us

Over the last 10 years CHC Digital has worked with some of the world’s prominent brands from all over the globe, transformed online business whilst winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. In 2015, Harrison was ranked in the top 500 designers in the world. In 2016 CHC Digital was awarded a Stevie International Business Award and the title of Distinguished Agency.

CHC Digital is an expert in the development of web and mobile applications with a strong emphasis on user interface design and cutting edge technology. They have a legacy of designing and leading the application development of uniquely useable and high performance, scalable and robust solutions. Highlighted by his development of a digital procurement analysis platform we saved a major Australian oil and gas company in excess of $50,000,000/year.

CHC Digital’s desire to ensure effective results for our clients has lead to a unique development in the digital marketing space. A pioneer in utilising the ‘big data’ available on social media streams to develop true demographic targeting. In the last year CHC Digital have reached over 88,000,000 people on behalf of their clients (more than the population of Spain and Canada combined!) and effectively marketed to them to drive a strong ROI.

With a passion for delivering effective user friendly and aesthetically driven work, CHC Digital has been successful in pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities. They have been asked give regular speeches on digital marketing at Chelsea Football club to local Businesses.

On September 22nd (Michael Faraday’s 224th birthday) they published Faraday Tech News. Distributed 10,000 copies at 10 central London tube stations.  The content was used to highlight how technology can benefit us on a human level, how we as a community can support each other, make each others lives more fulfilled and bring us closer together. All the articles where illustrated the response has been fantastic!

About Harrison

Harrison started CHC Digital from my kitchen table 7 years ago. It was originally called Ausen Design. Harrison had been working with Dragons’ Den Star James Caan designing and developing all things digital and print. Working in an exceptionally entrepreneurial environment inspires imaginings of going it alone.

Dreaming big, Harrison took the opportunity to have his own ‘Dragons’ Den experience’ and pitch my start up to James. Excited and full of enthusiasm, Harrison presented his idea to him, to which he came back with a swift “No”. But then, he said a sentence which Harrison treasure to this day: “You don’t need my backing, you can do this. What you need to do is stop worrying about who your partners are and get out there and make some money.”

He was very supportive of his dream and Harrison took his advice and went out into the world. It took some time, but the business grew and we signed bigger and better clients. One of which was more full of character than any other, Anouska Hempel – a famed Interior Designer with an expectation for perfection, down to the smallest detail. She had a reputation for making or breaking designers, a challenge that Harrison relished. Her specific niche was within the high-end hospitality sector. At the time we didn’t know it, but working with Anouska was the making of CHC Digital.

We learned that after working with Anouska Hempel, you gained a certain ‘stamp of quality’. People who knew of her understood that if you had worked for her, you had a very specific skillset that was focused on delivering inventive and detail-focused work for the luxury market.

Someone who knows the luxury world better than most is serial entrepreneur, Charles Finch. Charles has a little black book that most can only fantasise about, from A-list celebrities to the most famous brands on the planet. He was looking to make the most of digital and we decided to create a new business together, Charles Harrison & Co – or CHC Digital.

We focused on working within his network and enjoyed some fantastic projects. After a couple of years, Charles decided that he was going to focus on what he really loved and offered me CHC Digital. An extremely kind gesture, one Harrison is  continually grateful for.

We have moved from strength to strength, innovating our offering to make it more accessible for SME’s, while maintaining our core values of high quality work and outstanding customer relations. It has been an eventful journey and Harrison hopes that it will continue to be.

The development of our offering

We started as a website design agency and the trouble we found was that even if we created an amazing website, winning every award under the sun, the impact to an already successful business was difficult to quantify.

This is when we started to look at the digital puzzle as a whole, the nucleus of which is of course your website. However if no one sees it but your mum, you’re in for a difficult time.

What we developed is based on understanding what people do on the Internet. The first stop was social media, we as internet users we upload an treasure strove of information about ourselves. That post about your latest holiday, or your dismay at the state of our political situation are all snippets of your personality and interests. What we have done is develop a means in which we can collate all of this information and chop it up into useful information.

We can determine what a business’ customer looks like; what are their interests, opinions, jobs etc. Then we can match social media profiles against these target demographics. Then we can approach this selection of people on behalf of our clients and interact with them, we call it community build on average we develop a targeted community at around 12,000 followers a year.

By developing a content marketing strategy, we can successfully drive this community to our clients site. As we have carefully selected them and qualified them with our content, they convert into customers. This is the key breakthrough for our business, we not only develop fantastic websites we drive customers through the door.



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